TOP 10: who has the best flow in the league?

By: Jacob Bartholic

Long hair has been very trendy lately in and out of the leagues. And, while many of us may be growing some quarantine lettuce, long hair in hockey is nothing new. So, let's break down the 10 players with the best flow.

10. Patrick Kane, CHI

Patrick Kane seems to always be in the talks for best hair in the league. He has been rocking some nice flow for years. Fear the flow:

9. Artemi Panarin, NYR

Panarin uses his curls to his advantage when rocking his flow. The curls out the back of the helmet are just unmatched. And, that's for having good flow:

8. The Tanev Boys, CGY and PIT

Christopher and Brandon Tanev are known for their long hair. Not sure what is in the water at the Tanev's residence. But, whatever it is, it is definitely helping Chris (Flames) and Brandon (Penguins) grow some nice lettuce.

7. Erik Karlsson, SJS

Known for having nice-iconic hair, Erik was once voted to have the best hair in the NHL. The images below explain the reason why.

You will always see his long straight locks out of the back of his helmet.

6. Adrian Kempe, LAK

Let's talk about some serious lettuce going on.

Kempe’s lettuce is comparable to Panarin’s. But, I am giving him the upper hand because, in my opinion, his hair looks better kept. The flow is untouchable.

5. Mathieu Joseph,TB

Joseph’s hair is quite unique in the NHL. But what might be more impressive is how he hides such a work of art under a helmet.

4. Kris Letang, PIT

Letang has been known to rock a few different hair styles. From long to short, his hair always seems to be on point.

3. Jon Merrill, VGK

The mullet is something that has been gaining popularity again since its time in the 80’s. And, Merrill is doing it right.

2. Duncan Keith, CHI

Keith has had decently long hair in the past, but this year is unlike any other. He is letting his locks grow and flow. Respect the strong flowing.

1. Mika Zibanejad, NYR

Mika earns the top spot here because of the patience he has needed to let his hair grow this long. And not to mention how it looks when he is zooming down the ice.