How we play

1. We utilize the 3 on 3 overtime format as our full-time format; 3 skaters plus a goalie for each team (Overtime all the time, baby!)

2. Games consist of two 8-minute halves with a running clock (The clock stops only for penalties and injuries)

3. 6 Teams in our league, each with 6 skaters plus 1 goalie (These guys are fit and fast as H-E double hockey sticks)

4. Each tour-stop will have 6 games: 3 games in the opening round, then 2 semi-finals, then a championship game (It all takes place in 3 hours or less)

5. No powerplays, instead we go straight to a penalty shot and the coaches get to pick the shooter (Someday, you’ll pick the shooter via the 3ICE app)

6. No overtime, instead we go to one-round shootouts until a winner is determined (We know, it’s awesome)

7. Goalies can play the puck anywhere on the ice (Anything can happen)

8. If the puck comes off the netting above the glass and back into play, we keep playing (You’re welcome)

Oh, and no coaches challenges or instant replay for offsides, we hate that rule.

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