Breaking The ice

by Grace Heidinger

Coach’s Corner with Bryan Trottier

Bryan Trottier became the first coach to win the first-ever 3ICE championship. It’s nothing but an incredible feeling for the coach to watch his team become the champions of 3ICE’s inaugural season and be the first team to lift the Patty Cup.


“To win the first championship is a great honor,” Trottier said. “The fact that it’s called the Patrick Cup is special.”


Trottier was very excited for his winning team, and he will forever be happy for each individual player on Team Trottier who worked week after week to get to this point.


“They had their best performance to a man and got rewarded for their tenacity and effort,” Trottier said. “It’s a wonderful, diverse, and talented group that jelled and worked hard for each other.”


Team Trottier had a lot of success over the course of the regular season. As any coach or player would tell you, getting to and then winning the championship is what you work towards all season long.


“The season as a whole had many bright spots with the championship topping them all, but the talent and respect of the players were impressive,” Trottier said. “Especially the competitive spirit and energy.”


Trottier had a great time in every city 3ICE traveled to this year and Las Vegas is no different. But when the coach reflects on his first season as a 3ICE coach, there’s no doubt Vegas will be the city that stands out after this past weekend’s victory.


“Vegas never disappoints with the bright lights and entertainment surrounding the weekend,” Trottier said. “Focus is key …attention to details … avoid distractions … and in the end, when business is complete, enjoy all the joys Vegas can provide.”


“We partied like champs, that’s for sure,” Trottier added.