The Patrick Cup

aka The Patty

In case you haven't heard, our league is new to the hockey world. But if there's one thing we know, a one-of-a-kind hockey league needs a one-of-a-kind cup. That's where The Patty comes in.

Named for our absolute legend of a commissioner, Craig Patrick, The Patty will be awarded to the 3ICE season champions. Since this is quite the honor, we put a lot of thought into what Patty would look like.

It all started with sketches. Simple, flat drawings to help us land on the right size, shape, and silhouette. Once we felt we had the essence of Patty down, we moved on to full 3D renderings so we could get a look at him from every angle. Finally, these renderings made it to the skilled engineers who brought him to life.

From over 18 hours of 3D printing to create the mold to carefully sanding and electroplating the actual cup, we made sure each step was taken care of thoughtfully and thoroughly. That's what Patty deserves, after all.

We can’t wait for the day when Patty is hoisted by the 3ICE 2022 season champions and our new tradition begins.

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