Breaking The ice

by Grace Heidinger

The Winner's Circle- Joe Whitney

Skater Spotlight with Joe Whitney 

While all players on Team Mullen contributed to their 3ICE championship victory in Week 1, Joe Whitney lit up the scoresheet and was crowned the 3ICE Golden Helmet Goal Leader after scoring five goals in three games. Aside from his individual performance, Whitney credited his entire team for their job well done. 

“Obviously to win the first was pretty cool,” Whitney said. “I also think that we have great guys on our team, and we had some good chemistry so that was important. All in all, it was a lot of fun.” 

Everybody on Team Mullen, Whitney included, had a little bit of nerves and didn’t really know what to expect as far as what the pace of the game was going to look like. However, as the event started to unfold, they caught on in just enough time to successfully start finding the back of the net. 

“As the game went on and we kind of got more comfortable, it was a lot more fun,” Whitney said.” But it’s a game and it's exciting. They were all fast-paced games, and quite the roller coaster.” 

Team Mullen was quite strategic in scoping out potential opponents for future games. When they were in the locker room patiently waiting to see if they earned a spot in the semifinals, the guys were watching the other games to see how 3-on-3 action was treating them. 

“Things happen quickly where you'd be up by two goals, and then next thing you know, you'd be down by a goal in a matter of like a minute or two,” Whitney said. “The flow of the game and the momentum were changing so quickly that it was kind of up and down which was exciting for the players, and hopefully was exciting for the fans as well.” 

After being a part of three games and watching a handful of others, Mullen described his experience as exciting, yet nerve-racking. No matter what sport or what level of sport, there is no such thing as a safe lead which Team Mullen learned in their first game. But judging by the five goals they scored in that first game, Whitney was pretty happy with their scoring efforts. 

“We had a good lead in that first game and kind of blew it when they pulled the goalie there,” Whitney said. “It was tough, but we thought we played well. So, we were excited to get a chance to play in the semi-finals and a chance to win the whole thing.” 

As the season progresses, Whitney feels that everybody hopes to get a little better after each 3ICE tour stop. While that might look like turning to different strategies for some teams, Whitney feels that Team Mullen will stick with their game plan from their time in Vegas.