Breaking The ice

by Grace Heidinger

The Winner's Circle, Week 8- Tim Coffman

Skater Spotlight with Tim Coffman 

Every player on Team Mullen would agree that winning never gets old and for Tim Coffman, it is even more rewarding after the couple of tough weeks his team had in the middle of the season. 

“Just finishing out this season where we started with winning, knowing that we're still the team to beat, and going into Vegas with our confidence high is really good for us,” Coffman said. “It was definitely an enjoyable time to win, especially the last game of the regular season and we had a good time doing it.” 

Throughout the eight-week long season, Team Mullen learned how to play their game in order to find success, and a lot of that is credited to the scoring contributions from every member of the team. 

“When we all buy in with the same amount of effort and when we work hard, it’s tough to beat us because we have the skill to score,” Coffman said. “I think we realized that a couple of weekends ago and we try to make sure we always put the effort forward.” 

With their head coach unable to be behind the bench this weekend, Team Mullen was coached by Craig Patrick. The whole team enjoyed their weekend with Patrick, especially with the win, but they’re excited to have Mullen back when they head to Vegas. 

“He was good back there, Coffman said. “He’s a fun guy to be around, he’s laid back, and is relaxed like our team, so he fit in well.” 

With two weeks in between the final weekend of the regular season and the playoffs, Team Mullen has discussed their game plan heading into the playoffs. The main focus for every player in this two-week stretch is remembering to stay in shape so they’re ready for Vegas. 

“Hockey isn't an easy game to stay in shape if you're not playing and skating, so we talked about everyone trying to skate as much as you can or do what you can to kind of stay in shape for these two weeks,” Coffman said. “There's already enough pressure on us and everybody that's in Vegas to win, so you just want to have fun and just enjoy it. I think we play our best and we're just having fun and enjoying the game”