Denver Weekend Preview

After a first-class weekend in Las Vegas, 3ICE is heading to Denver for Week 2. On top of all the action and excitement surrounding the Colorado Avalanche and their quest to hoisting the Stanley Cup, there’s even more action coming to Denver this weekend with 3ICE. 

“With Colorado in the Stanley Cup Final right now, I’m assuming the city is going to be pretty lively and exciting,” TJ Hensick said. 

A thrilling weekend in Vegas showed fans to expect the unexpected, especially when it comes to how goals are scored. There was a total of 48 goals scored in six games last weekend, so get ready for lots of scoring again as the teams take the ice in Denver. Keep your eyes open for jaw-dropping goals from Joe Whitney (Team Mullen), Pete “Swaggy P” Lenes (Team Fuhr), and John Schiavo (Team Murphy). 

“Obviously, you want to win and hopefully we get a chance this weekend to play in that last game on Saturday night,” TJ Hensick said. “We have a good group and I'm excited to be with John LeClair. So, we'll move forward here and then hopefully have a better outcome than we did last weekend.” 

The first-round matchups in Denver will look slightly different than they did in Vegas. Team Murphy and Team LeClair will face off against each other in Game 1, Game 2 is between Team Carbonneau and Team Trottier, and Team Mullen (the Week 1 Champions) will be back on the ice for Game 3 against Team Fuhr. 

Will Schiavo continue to produce for Team Murphy, or will Blake Weyrick stand tall in net for Team LeClair? Will Team Trottier find the back of the net for the first time this season and be able to get past Team Carbonneau? And coming off a victory, will Team Mullen be able to keep up with the offensive power of Swaggy P and Team Fuhr?

Stay tuned to see who comes out on top this weekend in the Mile High City!