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The Voices of 3ICE

Bob Errey
Color Commentary
Drafted 15th overall in 1983 by Pittsburgh, Bob played 895 games in the NHL, won 2 Stanley Cups, a gold medal in the World Championships and has been a member of the Penguins broadcast team for 16 years. He also guests on The NHL Network and TSN.
Steve Mears
Steve began his NHL broadcasting career with the New York Islanders radio team, then moving to the Pittsburgh radio team and then in 2017 was awarded the TV role with the Pens. Steve also works for the NHL Network and calls matches for the US Open (Tennis).
Nick Gismondi
On-the-bench & Behind-the-scenes
An Emmy Award-winning hockey broadcasting veteran, Nick will bring all action from the bench to the fans both in-arena and at home.
ICYMI: SportsCenter Top Play
What highlight made SportsCenter’s #1 Play of Saturday? Brandon Hawkins sick penalty shot, of course
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May 12, 2023
THIS IS 3ICE! Season Highlight Reel
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August 23, 2022
3ICE in 3 Minutes: 2022 Championship Weekend


TOP 10 NHL Goal Scorers
Brynn Smith
This is 3ICE’s breakdown of the top 10 goal scorers to ever grace the NHL. These men put the most pucks in the most nets during their time in the league.
Top 10 Goalies of All Time
By: Brynn Smith
The job of any goaltender is to protect their net. Stop the other team from scoring points and get your team a win. And, while most netminders that have played on an international level can get the job done, this list details ten of the best goalies to ever play the game. Those that went above and beyond to keep the puck out of the net and ended up making history.
The Evolution of the Goalie
By: Brynn Smith
The goalie position has been a vital part of the game of ice hockey since the introduction of the sport to Montreal in the seventeenth century. While the origins of the game may lie elsewhere, Canada is undoubtedly the birthplace of developed hockey. The first organized game was played in 1875 and the netminder has been there from the beginning.
TOP 10: who has the best flow in the league?
By: Jacob Bartholic
Long hair has been very trendy lately in and out of the leagues. And, while many of us may be growing some quarantine lettuce, long hair in hockey is nothing new. So, let's break down the 10 players with the best flow.
canada takes the title for best players in the world
By: Brynn Smith
Professional hockey players come from all over the world. About 43.1 percent of players on NHL opening night rosters for the 2020-21 season were Canadian.
the red army’s influence on modern hockey - movie review
By: Brynn Smith
What do these three players have in common? They all played for the Red Army Club, the Soviet Union’s national ice hockey team.
miracle on ice - movie review
By: Jacob Batholic
If you have never seen the movie, here is a quick recap. The movie starts off by introducing us to Herb Brooks, in an interview with the Team USA hockey board.
the origin of hockey
By: Jacob Batholic
Whenever you hear the word hockey what do you think of? Winter? Ice? The Cold? Maybe even Canada.